Top 5 games to watch at the FIFA World Cup

There are a hell of a lot of games about to hit our televisions, and if you’re hard at work during the day you’ll have to choose wisely what games are worth your valuable time. To help narrow down the list, we’ve shortlisted the top five games that tickle our fancy.

5 – Japan vs. Poland 28/06 – 15:00

This is the most underrated game on our list and in terms of footballing styles, this matchup could prove to be a belter. Japan’s enthusiasm is infectious and they will go at Poland from the first minute. Group H is anyone’s and they’ll all be keen for top spot.

4 – Germany vs. Mexico 17/06 – 16:00

Again, taking into consideration the styles of each team, this game is going to be interesting. The Mexican team provides an attacking flair, which will be refreshing for viewers to see. On the other side of the coin, we will see Germany handle their first major test of the tournament.

3 – Argentina vs. Croatia 21/06 – 19:00

Both teams will be fighting for top spot in their group and each boast world-class players that can win games on their own. The attraction of getting to see Lionel Messi on the biggest stage: looking to achieve probably his only remaining aspiration should be reason enough to watch this one.

2 – England vs. Belgium 28/06 – 19:00

Notorious for underperforming, you’d like to think one of these two teams would finally step up and demonstrate their ability in respectable fashion. This game is expected to decide top spot in the group, so we should expect to see them both flexing their so-called guns (tattoos notwithstanding). They both have everything to prove, to the world and to themselves.

1 – Spain vs. Portugal 15/09 – 19:00

A fantastic rivalry early on in the tournament: both Spain and Portugal have recent successes, and clearly still have the players to go very far. Two potential winners going head-to-head is sure to be a fantastic match up.

If you don’t get a chance to keep up with the action, be sure to follow our live posting instead!


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